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If you need brother printer troubleshooting , you are not alone. A lot of users daily face several issues with their Brother printer. Many searches through the web to find the solutions. That's why we have complied this troubleshooting guide, which addresses most of the issues a Brother printer encounters.

brother printer trobleshooting

Brother printer is a well-known brand, but a printer is a complex machine, and errors are a common witch any brand.

If you need troubleshooting with your Brother printer, then read this guide whole.

Brother Printer not turning on

  • Make sure that the printer is connected to the power supply.
  • Check the supply cable if it is not loose.
  • The power cable is free from any defect
  • Remove the power cable from the power supply,
  • Wait for a few minutes and then reconnect the power cable to the power supply.

Brother printer paper jam troubleshooting

  • Do not exceed the maximum paper level accepted by their paper tray.
  • Regularly remove the printed paper from the output tray.
  • Use paper with the characteristics that the printer accepts, never place paper of different sizes and types in the paper tray.
  • Do not open the paper tray while printing is in progress. Wait for the paper stock to run out before adding paper.
  • Do not use crumpled, folded, chipped, torn, or wet paper.

Brother printer printing defects troubleshooting

  • Never print on wet or damaged paper.
  • Always flatten the deformed paper or inflated envelope.
  • Print a print quality test page to check the status of the printheads. If necessary, start printhead cleaning and alignment.
  • Check the higher quality setting in the print settings.
  • Let the prints dry before filing, stacking, or displaying. Do not touch the side just printed.
  • For best results, use manufacturers recommend branded ink cartridges.

Brother Printer Horizontal or vertical line printing troubleshooting

  • Make sure that the paper is correctly oriented in the paper tray or the insertion slot
  • Make sure the paper type selected in the printer driver matches the type of paper loaded.
  • If the print head control sheet has defects, start printhead cleaning and alignment.
  • Check the ink levels in the cartridges, change them if necessary.
  • Regularly clean the scanning glass.
  • If there is a misprinting color issue first disable printing in "grayscale" or draft.
  • Check and adjust the color settings if needed.
  • Make sure that the cartridges are not low on ink and that they are installed correctly.
  • For laser printers, shake the toner to make some more prints with the remaining powder and, if necessary, change the empty toner.
  • If you are using a laser printer, install a new drum.
  • Check if the paper is too wet or too dry, change the paper if required.

Brother printer software related issues troubleshooting

If you are facing any difficulty with the brother printer software like installation and other issues follow the below steps;

  • Insert the software cd that comes with the printer
  • Let the program cd run
  • Now from the software list, run the Repair MFL-Pro software.
  • This piece of software will check for any corrupt files repair it or if necessary will reinstall the printer software
  • If there is a printing problem related to a software issue, then make sure the paper size setting in application and printer driver are the same.

Brother printer network issues troubleshooting

  • If the printer is connected through an ethernet cable, make sure the cable is not loose and connected at both ends.
  • Make sure the printer has access to your network.
  • If the printer is connected via a WiFi network, make sure the WiFi is on and running.
  • Ensure that the printer is connected to the right network.
  • If your computer is unable to find your wireless printer, it's possible that the firewall settings are hindering in the connection.
  • Go control panel and then to network and internet and select windows firewall.
  • Now select change settings.
  • Go to the general tab and set the windows firewall on.
  • Press on the exception tab and then click on add new port.
  • Set the port number to 54925.
  • Choose UDP settings and then press OK.
  • This will resolve any network scanning issues you are having with your brother printer.
  • If you are having a USB cable connection issue, unplug the cable first.
  • Check for any defect
  • Re-insert the USB cable in both the USB port firmly.

Brother Printer driver issue troubleshooting

  • To update the drivers, go to the Brother printer support page.
  • Search the driver's update for your printer.
  • You may have to enter the built number or the name of your printer in the search box.
  • From the list of available software and drivers suits for your printer, download the latest versions of drivers.
  • Once downloaded, install the brother printer drivers to resolve the drivers' issue.

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