Fix printer problems for wireless printer

Fix printer problems for wireless printer

Fix printer problems for wireless printer

“HP Wireless printers” have taken the world by storm. They have become an essential part of offices. Even in the home, they have managed to carve out a special place among consumers. They work efficiently without the presence of any cables. However, they can face a lot of problems just like traditional printers. Let’s see how you “fix printer problems for wireless printer ”.

  • You need to restart your computer, printer and wireless router.
  • Check if your HP printer is connected to your network?
  • You can easily check if the printer is connected to the network:
  • You need to print a Wireless Network Test report that can be done from the printer control panel. Many printers allow printing this report by the pressing of the Wireless button
  • You need to check the following on the Wireless Network Test report:
    1. Check for the “PASS” status in the Diagnostic Results "Connectivity" area
    2. If the above status is not shown, there is a connection issue between the printer and the network at this time. Make sure your wireless router is switched on and working correctly.
    3. You may again require connecting your printer to the network.
    4. you need to check if there are any messages at the top of the report. It will help you solve the problem by following the instructions.
    5. Check if in the "Current Configuration" area, "Network Name (SSID)" is the same as your network name?
    6. If the printer is not connected to the network, reconnect it to your network.
  • Check if the computer connected to the wireless network.
    1. Has the computer gone through any changes lately?
    2. Check if some security software are installed or updated recently.
    3. If any new software is installed or updated recently, you will need to do a system restore to an earlier date and time or a recently created restore point when the printer was working efficiently.
  • Has any modification or updating is done on the wireless router recently?
    1. If there was any modification on the router or replacement of the router, you may require to reconfigure the printer with new settings to properly work with it.
    2. You may need to contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for reconfiguring the router with new settings.
  • Check if you any changes are done on the following wireless settings,
    1. Security type or password
    2. Network name (SSID), or changes in the name being broadcasted
    3. MAC address filtering
    4. Wireless or AP Isolation
  • Check if you are connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    1. A VPN is created to connect to a remote network or location through a secure connection. Try disabling temporally to check whether the printer is working correctly or not.
    2. Check if the IP address is changed on the printer changed
    3. Windows – You can update the IP address by running the Update IP Address utility if it is accessible for your model

“Fix wireless printer problems” Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  • Open Programs on Start menu, find HP, and click on Update IP address.

“Fix printer problems for wireless printer” for Windows 8/8.1/10:

  • Open the Printer Software from the Start screen/menu or simply by typing Printer Software.
  • You will need to click Utilities on the Printer Software screen
  • Pick Update IP Address
  • Compare the Printer’s current IP Address with the previous IP Address on the Wireless Network Test report. Check if they are matching if not then do the followings:
  • Enter the IP Address found from the Wireless Network Test report in the place of the Current IP Address location on the computer.
  • Click on Search to make sure the printer can be easily found. You will need to save it to update your software.
  • It is suggested to set a static IP Address on the printer. After setting the static IP address, you will need to run the Update IP Address utility again as it will update the software with the new IP address.
  • If you do not have the Update IP Address program in your computer or if it didn’t run successfully, you need to download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor .
  • Select your printer, click Next, click Fix Printing . Repeat the same procedure to Fix Scanning

These are pretty simple and straightforward steps to “ HP printer troubleshooting ”. They can be easily performed by any kind of people. If somehow, you are busy or do not want to tinker with the printer, you can always contact experts. They will help you pinpoint the main problems associated with a “HP wireless printer ”. They will troubleshoot the wireless printer for known issues and will try to fix wireless printer with as quickly as they can. They have plenty of experience in troubleshooting such type of Fix wireless printer problems .

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