How To Fix Canon Printer Problems

Printers are one of the great machines when they work. However, when they fail to work it can become extremely annoying. Here's how you can solve some of the most common issues, including the printer failing to print at all. Printers can function perfectly for several years and thousands of prints, but they can also break down or stop working completely.

Dont worry, we have you covered. Sometimes the reason is as simple as under-use or over-use. A lot of people dont use their Canon printers regularly and this can create problems with ink drying up that ultimately block the nozzles. Overuse is not that common than misuse: paper clips, hair bands and even food can stuck into printers and result in paper jams and many worse scenario.

  • Ensure the cable connection from the Canon printer to your computer. You will need to check the USB data cables connection to the computer is correct or not.
  • You need to put some paper in the paper tray of the Canon printer Setup and issue the print command from the computer.

If the printer fails to print anything, you need to install the printer driver.

  • If you have the driver disk, install the driver from the disk otherwise follow the below steps.
  • You will need to visit the official Canon website.
  • Click on Support tab or Support written in big letters.
  • Type your Model number if you know it else select it manually.
  • Select Printer from the given list of devices.
  • Select the right printer series from the given printer list.
  • Click on Drivers & Downloads section.
  • Before downloading the driver, ensure the correct operating system is chosen.
  • If not select the correct operating system.
  • Select the appropriate driver and download it.
  • Run the driver installation file.
  • Follow the instruction of the driver installation process and complete it.
  • In the most cases, the Canon printer will be detected and you will be able to print documents.

Apart from no printer detection error, Canon printers can face some of the below-mentioned problems:

  • Printing not starting problem.
  • Paper jam problem.
  • Unsatisfactory print result problem.
  • Absence of ink problem.
  • Stoppage of printing/scanning problem.
  • Wireless printer losing connection problem.

Printing not starting problem

  • Ensure the printer is connected correctly to the power source and to the computer.
  • You will need to delete the pending printing jobs.
  • After giving the print job, you will need to select the right Canon printer in the printing dialog window.
  • You will need to select the right printing port.

Windows 10

Windows 8.1/8

  • Search Settings from Start screen.
  • Select Control Panel-Hardware and Sound-Devices and printers.

Windows 7

  • Click on Start menu-Device and Printers.

Check the Port settings from the Printer Properties and ensure the ports settings are correct. You will need to follow the below steps if the port is not showing the right configuration settings.

  • In Windows 10, open Start menu and select All apps-Canon Utilities-Canon My Printer-select Diagnose and Repair Printer. You will need to follow the instructions and set the correct printer port, and finish the steps by selecting your printer's name.
  • In Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, you will need to pick My Printer on Start screen to open My Printer. If My Printer is not displaying on Start screen, you will need to select Search charm, and search or type My Printer.
  • You will need to set the correct printer port with the help of Diagnose and Repair Printer. Just follow the on-screen instructions to set the correct port of printer.
  • In Windows 7, go to Start menu and select All programs-Canon Utilities-Canon My Printer-Diagnose and Repair Printer. Simply select the correct printer port.

Paper jam problem

  • If somehow a paper is jammed in the printer, all you need is to carefully take it out.
  • If it is jammed inside, you need to open the scan tray and pull the paper out.
  • You need to be very careful in not touching any of the wires and peripherals during your attempt to take out the jammed paper.

Unsatisfactory print result problem

  • You will need to check if the page size and media type settings are according to the size and type of paper.
  • Ensure the right print quality is picked using the settings of the document or printer driver settings.
  • You will need to pick a print quality according to the paper used and the document you are trying to print.
  • If you are getting blurred or uneven quality, you need to check your cartridges.

Absence of ink problem

  • You will need to check the ink level in your printing cartridges.
  • You will need to replace them if they are low or empty.

Stoppage of printing/scanning problem

  • Type Run in the Search bar in the Start Menu and type control.exe /name Microsoft. Troubleshooting to open Windows Troubleshooter.
  • Scroll down, click on Printer in the Troubleshoot window and pick Run the troubleshooter.
  • The Troubleshooter will run its diagnostics.
  • It will show a Fix for your printer problem.
  • You will have to apply the fix to resolve the Canon printer problem.
  • If the problem still persists, you will have to uninstall and re-install the printer drivers.

Wireless printer losing connection problem

  • Print a Wireless Network Test report from the printer Control Panel.
  • Check the report to find any missing thing and correct it accordingly.
  • Check the wireless connection is being blocked by any Firewall/Anti-virus or VPN settings.
  • Update the printer IP address from Computer settings if the IP address is wrongly configured.
  • Manually install printer drivers and add the printer through Windows Control Panel.
  • You can also add the printer to the wireless network manually through printer Control Panel.
  • Canon printer offline.

These are some of the easier steps that you can perform to make fix Canon printer problems. However, if you are not satisfied with the end results, you can always fall back on expert help. These experts have ample knowledge on where to look for troubleshooting any type of problems related with the Canon printers. Contact them immediately to remove any Canon printer related problems.

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