How to fix Canon Printer

How To Fix Canon Printer

Canon printers have been used widely in homes and offices. If you are having problem with your Canon printer in printing properly or even turning it on at all, we have got you covered. You will not require visiting a repair center or calling the technician. You can easily make your Canon printer work by following simple troubleshooting steps. Let's check out the steps on how to fix Canon printer:

  • You will need to check if the indicator lights on your Canon printer are flashing in a definite pattern and then check with the manual to see if
  • You will need to follow the instructions available in the manual to fix the related problem, or continue with the below-mentioned steps.
  • Ensure that the power cable is connected well into your wall socket and the USB cable is tightly connected to the computer.
  • Open the top of Canon printer and do a rapid visual inspection to check if there is any piece of paper trapped in the paper feed.
  • Restart the computer and try to print off a new page to check if the computer has recognized your printer or the print queue has problem responding due to any type of software error.
  • Go to your computer's "Control Panel" and click on the "Printers and Faxes" option.
  • You will need to follow the instructions to run a test by the computer to detect the printer.
  • You will need to uninstall and re-install the Canon software by visiting the official Web page and download the latest version of the Canon printer driver.
  • Select "Properties" or "Options" tab by opening the "Canon printer software".
  • Click on "Test Alignment" or "Clean Print Heads" depending on which version of the driver software you have.
  • Wait for the printer to finish its warm-up alignment and then print a test page.
  • Check to see if the test page was printed correctly.

If you have a wireless Canon printer and facing canon printer offline issue, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Push the Setup button and open Wireless LAN setup.
  • You will have to select Easy Setup and click on OK.
  • Select Access Point and enter the password of your wireless network an click on OK .
  • If you have the driver disk, install the driver by inserting the disk in your computer's disk drive.
  • Otherwise you will have to download the latest driver from the official website of Canon printer.
  • Pick Easy Install and complete the installation process by following the instructions.

The above steps can be easily done by any person. If you have no time or do not have any idea about these steps, you do not need to worry. There are technicians available online as well as offline that can solve any kind of problems related to Canon printers. They have the knowledge and expertise of fixing these printer problems with ease.

You just need to find them and set up an appointment for the maintenance of the Canon printer. They know how much time it will take during the fixing procedure. The services offered by these technicians are reasonably priced and can be easily availed by simply visiting their website. Most of the time, it will take few hours to completely remove any type of problem found in the wide variety of printers. Give them a call and see their impressive procedure on "how to fix Canon printer" with absolute ease.

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