Hp printer Assistant

HP printer assistant download for Windows & Mac

Hp printer assistant is a software tool for print management that comes with hp printer. You see, printing is a complex job without HP printer setup

HP printer assistant

It requires a series of commands to be executed in order and many hardware to run in sync with each other to get a perfectly printed document.

Any number of things can go wrong during the printing process, and you may get an error, that is why the print job is needed to be managed carefully. That's where the Hp printer Assistant comes in.

This small piece of software comes with all the technical features necessary to manage print activity and to increase the printer's efficiency. With the printer assistant software, you can;

  • Scan and print documents and photos.
  • See the printer page usage.
  • Check the ink levels.
  • Take control of all the printing job.

How to check that Hp printer Assistant software is installed on your computer or not?

If you are already using hp printer for some time, then the chances are that the hp printer assistant is installed on your computer.

Check Hp printer assistant is installed on your computer.

  • Find your printer's icon on the desktop.
  • Double click the icon, if the hp printer assistant opens up, it means the hp printer assistant software is installed on your computer.
  • If you cannot find your printer's icon, enter the name of your printer in the search box or go to device and printer.
  • There you will see the icon of your printer.
  • If the Hp solution center window opens when you double click your printer's icon, it means your Hp printer came with the Hp solution center software and not the Hp printer assistant.
  • You have to download it.

How to download Hp printer Assistant software?

In case you don't have the hp printer Assistant software for your hp printer you have to download it.

  • Power on your printer first.
  • If the printer is connected to your computer through a USB cable, unplug it.
  • If the cable connection is needed, software installation will prompt you to do so.
  • Now open a web browser and enter https://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers to go to Hp support and download page.
  • When the 'let's identify your product' page displays, choose the printer option.
  • Now you have to enter the model name or built number of your printer.
  • In the next page, all the software available for your printer type will be displayed along with the operating system installed on your computer.
  • If you notice that the displayed operating system is not the one installed on your computer, change it to select the desired version.
  • Select the Hp printer Assistant software and click download.
  • After the download finishes, run the setup files to install the Hp printer Assistant software on your computer.

How to reconnect the Hp printer after installing the assistant software?

You need to reconnect the printer to your computer;

If you have installed the printer Assistant software for your hp printer for the first time or if you have upgraded your windows

  • Power on the printer
  • Open the Hp printer Assistant software.
  • Connect a new printer tool will open up, click on the connect a new printer option.
  • You will be prompted for the connection type, choose it, and then follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the connection process.
  • If everything goes alright, the setup will complete, else a red X displays, meaning the connection failed.
  • You have to repeat the process.
  • Now turn off your printer.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Open the printer assistant.
  • If it opens up, then the connection is complete.

Hp printer Assistant troubleshooting

Printer assistant is not opening in a USB connected printer.

After you upgrade your version of windows, it is possible that the Assistant tool may not open in Printers connected via USB.

  • Reconnect the printer.

Sometimes reconnecting the printer troubleshoot this problem.

  • We have already described the reconnection process above.
  • Please go through the process.
  • If the printer Assistant opens up the issue is resolved, if not then proceed further.

Uninstall the Hp printer software and drivers and then install the latest Drivers.

  • Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Go to control panel and then to programs and features.
  • You will see a list of installed programs.
  • Find your hp printer, right-click on it and then choose to uninstall.
  • Restart your computer.

Now install the latest drivers and software for your printer

  • Go to https://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers page and choose printer option.
  • When prompted, enter the model number of your printer.
  • List of software and drivers for your printer’s model will be displayed.
  • Download the latest drivers and then install them.

That's all for this installation and troubleshooting guide.

Hp Printer Assistant is a necessary software that you must install on your computer before connecting your Hp printer to your computer.It will help you handle and maintain all the printing job without any difficulty.

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